Camilo F. (Phil) Romero III

Vice-President of Operations

Camilo F. Romero III started his career in the Security Field in 1978, where he worked for Investigative and Security Services.  
During his career he has worked for New Mexico  Security Patrol, and Burns International Security.  
In 1981 he became a Police Officer and graduated from the New  Mexico Law  Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
He worked as a certified police officer for several years, and started community policing programs such as a Police Explorers program teaching high school aged students about careers in Law Enforcement, he also started a Reserve Police Officers program for different communities he worked for.   
During his Law Enforcement career, he worked for the Chaves County Adult Detention Center as a line officer, and was Promoted to the Special Projects Officer in charge of Monitoring the work release, ankle bracelet, and the magistrate court's probation programs.  He was again promoted to the Staff Development Coordinator, and became a certified instructor and taught several courses, such as but not limited to the (40) hour basic detention officers course.  He is also a certified basic firefighter I, through the State of New Mexico.
and has owned and operated Interstate Security Services for several years and Managed Alliance Security Patrol for approximately (5) years.

Phone Number: (575) 420-5978 Cell

Phone Number: (575) 578-0409 Office 

Allstate Security Services LLC was founded in 2009 by a Father and Son
 team whom together have Over (41) years of combined experience 
and are third Generation in the Security Field.

About Us

Camilo F. Romero IV


Camilo F. Romero IV, started his career in the Security Field in 1998 where he was employed by Alliance Security Patrol, and the Chaves County Adult Detention Center. While working for C.C.D.C. he worked his way up through the ranks to Operations Lieutenant.  
During his employment at C.C.D.C. he attended several advanced training courses including but not limited to a certified instructor’s course.  
he is an advanced Pepper Spray instructor, and a Regional Friendly Force Instructor, through the International Tactical Police Training Academy.  
he Later transferred to the New Mexico  Corrections Department, in 2006 where he graduated from the New Mexico  Corrections Academy.  
Mr. Romero worked in the Security threat Intelligence Unit at the Roswell Correctional Center, his duties included Gang Identification, Suppression, and Drug Interdiction. He has also conducted Gang Awareness courses for Several Grade Schools in Chaves County and was a Reserve Police Officer, where he volunteered several hours, working side by side with sworn officer's and on his own, with other reserves patrolling the community.   
He completed a (40) hour N.R.A. Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Course, and became a certified Instructor, and is a New Mexico Concealed Carry Weapons Instructor.

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